Accessory Dwelling Units in Austin

You know them as Granny Flats, Garage Apartments, Mother-in-Law Dwellings, Man Caves, and Guest Houses, but they are now officially known (according to the City of Austin) as ADUs, or Accessory Dwelling Units. Austin is currently experiencing an affordability crisis. Many homeowners are struggling to afford their upward spiraling property taxes while many others can’t afford to live in the city at all. The city has recognized this problem and has made adjustments to the rules governing these backyard dwellings.

Affordable Living Spaces

By relaxing the rules, Austin officials hope to create affordable housing options in the central core of the city. Escarpment Construction sees this as an opportunity to build on our experience with this type of construction and we are actively working with several architects to streamline the build process and provide ready-made plans that can garner quick approval when submitted for permitting.

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See some of our ADU projects below: